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Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store, Dunwoodie, NY 914-302-9794If you are living in area, then you might have realized that the number of thefts and break-in attempts in the area has increased at an alarming rate. This means that the locks that are installed at the properties in the area are not up to the mark and need to be replaced immediately. While the locking systems at your property may be up to date, it won’t be a bad idea to hire a technician for regular inspection of your lock and property to catch any vulnerability as early as possible. To ensure that a locksmith is already available, it is best to hire a local firm for all your lock & locksmith needs.

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store has been associated with the people of Dunwoodie for the past ten years. We have worked with countless households and commercial offices for their varied lock & locksmith needs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year making our services all the more attractive.

Our team can fulfill any kind of requirement as long as the customer is asking for a legal task. Over the years, our technicians have successfully helped with evictions, replaced locking systems, installed garage doors and a lot more. Apart from that, we have helped hundreds of businesses by counseling them about their security and safety needs. Here are some of the common services that we offer:

High security locks for your home and 24/7 locksmith services

Our residential clients are prone to break-ins given the increased nature of such events in the area. That is why we highly recommend that they install high-security locks that can effectively protect them from various kinds of intrusions. Our association with you is not just limited to installing locks, it starts with guidance in choosing the best ones for your property and carries on for years after installation as we help with periodic checks and maintenance from time to time.

Commercial lock & locksmith services

Lock & locksmith needs of a business are distinct and that is why it is important to hire a service that understands the varied needs. Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store not only helps you with the upgrading of locking systems but we also help you in becoming up to date with various local safety laws that you need to follow in order to avoid heavy penalties.

Dial 914-302-9794 for all your lock & locksmith needs in the area.