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Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store, Dunwoodie, NY 914-302-9794Our service professionals understand the importance of accessibility and work diligently to provide services that keep your business flowing. Any type of broken lock or lost key issue could potentially bring your business to a grinding halt. That's why the business community in Dunwoodie depends on us for all their locksmith and security needs.

Commercial enterprises in Dunwoodie, NY have built a trusting relationship with the locksmith professionals at Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store , consistently delivering expert service with empathy while maintaining professionalism. Whether we are providing service and reprogramming digital locks or working on a large overnight master key system overhaul, our locksmiths give the same exemplary service and attention to detail.

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store arrive quickly and help with commercial building lockouts, installing new locks on doors, or replacing or repairing old locks working with all our focus on solving your security problem. Our extensive training, experience and honest concern for our clients and the safety of our community makes us the leader in locksmith service provision. Our clients have come to expect the only the very best from us and we strive to exceed their expectations.

Lock Changes

One of costs of doing business is that lock changes are needed regularly to ensure the safety of the commercial enterprise. With employee turn over and other events, it is best to change locks when there is a concern over who may have access. The business community turns to Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store when it comes for lock changes, knowing our locksmiths are quick, trustworthy and provide exemplary service.

Lock Damage

Every lock can suffer damage, becoming worn over time or from mistreatment or vandalism. Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store arrives quickly after you call, completely equipped, repairing or replacing damaged locks and getting your business back on track. Our technician responded so quickly, your business barely missed a beat.

Safe/ Cabinet Locks

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store also offers skilled locksmith services which can replace or repair your safe and locking cabinet locks. If your business loses access to the contents of the safe or to important files, it can come to a complete standstill. Call us 24/7 and we dispatch the professional closest to you, arriving quickly, opening and unlocking file cabinets expeditiously, allowing business to return to normal.

Emergency Exit Locks

It is critical in Yonkers that every emergency exit lock be fully functional in any business. So to ensure yours are always working properly, we provide regularly scheduled servicing and recommend that you test your doors daily to prevent any malfunctioning emergency exit lock from being discovered during an inspection and result in a costly fine, or worse, loss of life. As a prominent business in the community, you understand that Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store emergency exit lock service keeps your patrons safe and your business fine free.

Key Replacement

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store can replace the key that broke or became lost under a mountain of paperwork. Whether it's a master key system key or a company car key, our locksmiths will arrive promptly and fabricate a replacement key. Our locksmiths come equipped to fabricate all types of keys from master key systems to transponder keys and high security laser cut keys, will come to you and replace your keys at your commercial property or where your company car and employee are stranded.

Master Key Systems

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store locksmith professionals can install a new master key system to your Dunwoodie offices, apartments or other commercial enterprise with an overnight install, allowing your business to remain uninterrupted as we key each door and provide the master key with sub master keys as requested. We recommend adding the keyway system to prevent duplication as an added layer of security, ensuring keys remain in the right hands.

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store, Dunwoodie, NY 914-302-9794Some of the businesses we recommend for the master key system include:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Banks
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Office Parks
  • Business Outlets
  • Restaurants

Dunwoodie NY Locksmith Store provides their community with commercial building lockout services, installing new locks on doors, repairing or replacing old locks as needed by businesses in the Dunwoodie 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.